The POGOSWAP Network unites decentralized protocols whose synergy enables the most complete and lucrative, and protected operations in the DeFi space.

About company

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Why Pogoswap?

With the new interests of the world banking leader in the digitalization of fiat currency it is clear that Pogoswap will be the most valuable tool in the near future for all the currency space. With its advanced protocol and IDO incubator portal, it becomes a major player for the entire DeFi field but also the digital fiat soon to be adopted and used on the blockchain network by central bank and governments.

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1inch Aggregation Protocol


POGOSWAP V1 is a noncustodial automated market maker implemented for the Ethereum Virtual Machine. In comparison to earlier versions of the protocol, POGOSWAP v1 provides increased capital efficiency and finetuned control to liquidity providers, improves the accuracy and convenience of the price oracle, and has a more flexible fee structure.

1inch Aggregation Protocol


Users who own POGO will have the opportunity to participate in the staking pool which will give a determined percentage to each participant who has provided liquidity on a pair of their choice.

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1inch Aggregation Protocol
POGO Token Name
10M Total supply
2.2M Burned Coins
6M For Sale
150K Airdrop amount
150K Liquidity Pool
1.5M Team
400+ Cups of coffee
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TEAM Message

We founded POGOSWAP after seeing a pressing need in the market, firsthand. From the very beginning, back when the company was founded in April 2021, the idea behind POGOSWAP has been to establish a platform that customers can fully trust, and which as the potential to become a leading crypto exchange across the world, powering the future of crypto finance.

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